Thursday, January 27, 2011


Not sure if anyone even looks at this blog anymore. Heck, I don't even look at it anymore. However, I think I'm going to start using it again (although we'll see if it ends up being one of those ideas that sounds good but I never do anything about). :)

I'm going to use this blog as a creative outlet. I've recently picked up a new hobby, because I really need new hobbies (haha). I bought a Pentax DSLR last spring and have been using it off and on, but am going to try and use it more now. My main interests are to capture the beauty in nature all around us and to of course capture fun moments with my family. I'm still in the newbie category here, but hopefully as I continue to learn the images I capture will continue to improve.

In the past, I've posted my photos to facebook, but I've just about decided not to do that anymore, just because of the privacy and personal property rules I don't really agree with. So, if anyone does still stop by here, I hope you enjoy the photos. I'm always open to suggestions if any of you have more experience than I or have a more artistic eye.

Here are a couple I took last spring/summer as I was learning to use my new equipment.

Bee in the backyard
From Nature/Landscapes

Peek a boo
From Nature/Landscapes

I'll stop with this for now until I decide if I want to keep using this blog format. If so, I've got lots more to post.