Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scaling the Mountain

Between General Conference sessions on Saturday afternoon, we took a family hike and scaled the majestic Rainbow Mountain.  With it's peak soaring up to a towering 1,100 feet in elevation, our heads were spinning, vision blurred, and we nearly collapsed due to a lack of life giving oxygen.  Somehow, someway, we all dug down deep within ourselves to find the steely resolve to conquer this grueling beast....

...ok, so maybe we drove up to the top in about 5 minutes, but we still had a nice hike.  Below are some photos.

Look how excited she is!

Defying death one step at a time

Spreading his wings to fly

Give me that camera

Happy times on the mountain

Although a little too much mountain air does mess with your mind

My hiking buddies
Perfect day for a hike

Surfing down the rock

This was a very over exposed photo that I messed with and converted to B&W

Such a poser

Lazy fall afternoon

HD is such a chick magnet

Here are my favorite people

It was a beautiful day to be outside

There was a hint of fall colors

6 Candles, 4 Candles, and a Few More

Last Friday we celebrated birthdays for Bimmer (6), Firebolt (4), and Grandma (more than the other two).  I kinda failed on my photographic responsibilities and didn't get many photos, but here are a few.  I took some video as well, but haven't had a chance to look at it yet.  Maybe one day I'll get some video posted...maybe.  :)

Birthday girl on the right

This was Firebolt's cake per request.  Nice job Mommy!

Bimmer's dinosaur fossil cake per request. Awesome job Q!

Laura and Aunt Sonnie

Bimmer with his best bud Chocolate George

With his new picture drawn by grandpa Jack.