Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not too Young to Drive

Here's a video of Bimmer driving the jeep.  Can you guess what he's doing when he stops and sticks his hand out?  I couldn't, so I asked him.  Around the Orlando area there are many toll roads, and Bimmer had observed us stopping at the tolls and paying money.  He told me he was paying his toll to drive on to the field.  :)

Roady to Florida

Earlier in the month we were able to take a family trip to Florida.  I had to go down for a work conference, but we left a few days early so we could go down and do some things as a family.  We first stopped to visit Q's grandparents, then went to Mommy Dearest's house to hang out with her and her family.  Before I had to check in for the conference, we even made a trip to Dinosaur World! We had a great trip.  The only thing that I can think of that didn't go well is we found out HD hates to travel.  For the 12 hours we were in the car on the way down he cried for probably 8 hours...and I'm NOT exaggerating.  He was much improved on the way back.  He probably cried for only 6 of the 12 hours.  We contemplated just mailing him home with overnight shipping, but decided that might be a little too expensive.  :)  <- Just in case someone didn't pick up on the sarcasm there...I'm totally kidding about mailing him home. 

Here are some pics from our trip.  I didn't really take any at the conference.  Didn't think anyone would be too interested in checking out a bunch of people listening to lectures.

Firebolt sleeping with the horse (pronounced 'hussy') at Mommy Dearest's house.

HD checking out the dinos with Mommy Dearest

Bimmer seems unconcerned with the large reptile sneaking up behind him.

It's the T-Rex!!!

This is the last we saw of Bimmer.  I hope he tasted good anyway.  ;)

HD decided dinosaurs are pretty darn cool.

On the way back from Dinosaur World we stopped by dad's grave site.  It was his birthday that day. Happy birthday dad, I miss you man!

Bimmer riding the jeep.  I think he may have thought he was in Heaven at this point.  Obviously he was wrong considering there was no surf in that lake.

Faster than fast, quicker than quick!

On the drive home we stayed the night in Tallahassee to break up the trip and stopped by mine and Q's first apartment after we were married.  The top left used to be our old pad.