Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcomed Visitors and HD's Blessing

Taking a rest from the tiring schedule of eating and filling up diapers
Last weekend Q's parents came to visit. Q's mom stayed up with HD both nights they were here so we could actually get some good rest. That was really nice! That Sunday we also had some of my family over for HD's blessing. Following are a few photos from both visits. Unfortunately I didn't get my camera out enough and missed a lot of photos of family members who came to visit over the weekend. Fail on my part, I'll try and be a little more proactive for future visits!

Firebolt sporting some new accessories she got in the mail from her Aunt
Bimmer showing off his muscles in his new dragon pj's courtesy of Aunt 
HD getting ready for his blessing

HD chilling with Grandma

Firebolt kind of likes her Aunt Smarty Pants

Deep in thought...about eating

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