Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Gathering/Test Drive

Below you'll find a few photos from a test drive we did with the kids and their new bikes.  Grandma and Grandpa Jack got them bikes for Christmas and they've only had a chance to ride around on our driveway, which they've loved.  However, today we went to the greenway and let the kids open the throttle and go for it.  Bimmer did just that, but our little Firebolt decided to play it more on the cautious side and not ride too fast.

Also, I've included a few photos from a family gathering we had at the beginning of last December.

I am speed

Taken right before a collision. Only the pink racer was shaken up, however she made a full recovery and finished the course

Go speed racer, go, go speed racer

She's probably asking why I'm not walking right next to her. :)

OK, not exactly bike riding, but here's a cool tree along the way.

And now some from the family gathering.


Michelle said...

Awesome!! I love the personality that you captured in those bike photos. Your photography really is great (are any of those even edited?)!
Give my love to Suzanne and those cuties. Sure miss you all.

Barry said...

Thanks Michelle! And yes, I edit all of my photos. Most of what I do is adjust exposure and white balance if necessary, contrast, saturation, and sharpening.