Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I haven't been able to get many photos posted lately.  As I'm sure you all know we had several tornadoes pass through our area a couple of weeks ago.  This caused much destruction and devastation to our area and many other places around north Alabama. Our home was spared any damage, just didn't have power for a week.  It's been heartbreaking to see families who have lost their homes, friends, and family members.  However, it's been very inspiring to see the community come together to help out their neighbors.

Another deterrent from my photo taking/posting has been a major work project that has been keeping me working between 12-13 hours a day leaving little energy for any photo work.  Hopefully that will come to an end in the next week or so.

However, I do have a few photos to post from before the storms came through.  I'll just post one for now, which is now one of my favorites.  Bimmer loves to dress up, especially as super heroes like Spiderman and Mr. Incredible.  For Easter Q got Bimmer this Spiderman mask to match his Spidey costume.  He loves it!  He was out in the yard with his heroic garb on and I asked if I could take a photo of him.  He grabbed the funnel you'll see on his hand (I guess maybe as a special, terrifying weapon?) and struck this pose.  So funny.  I love this kid!

This photo was taken with my 50mm prime and edited in LR3.  I used many clarity adjustment brush layers on Bimmer and his costume to give him that "edgy" look.

Villains and enemies beware!


Niki said...

The funnel definitely makes the costume more scary!!!! Too cute!

Barry said...

Thanks Niki. He has quite the imagination. :)