Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hiking in the Chattahoochee Forest

Here's a few photos taken during a hike last month in the Chattahoochee Forest.  I was there from some boys from our church on a High Adventure activity.  The hike was 7 miles one way and we had to cross a river...not on a bridge, but through the river...about 20 times each way.  The hike was exhausting, but well worth it.  We hiked to a waterfall, had fun jumping off of it, then hiked back.  I didn't really get any photos of the falls because I was too busy jumping off them.  I did get some photos of the boys jumping off though.  :)

The couple of photos I have of the river were using a slow shutter speed of 1/8 of a second.  I should have been using a tripod but didn't bring one with me.  With the photos shrunk down some they still look fairly sharp, but next time I'll have to bring the tripod with me.


Michelle said...

Coolness! Do you have the kind of tripod that's just one leg? That seems like it would be pretty handy in that sort of terrain. (I guess it would be a "unipod", eh?) :)

Barry said...

Actually I have a light weight tripod which would have worked really well...had I brought it. :D

And the one legged one is a monopod. :)