Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Swept Away

You may remember the photo below that I took a few months back of the Lone Tree.  Normally if I feel like going for a drive I'll go down this road because it's quiet with lots of open space, and I always enjoyed seeing this tree as I passed by.  OK, call me a tree hugger if you'd like, but I do really enjoy observing nature.

Lone Tree
After all the tornadoes blew through on April 27, I wondered what happened to this tree and if it made it through.  I knew that one of the huge EF-5 tornadoes went right through the area where the tree was.  I tried several times in the following couple of weeks to drive down there, but the road was blocked off while recovery efforts were in the works.  I finally got a glimpse of the tree a couple of weeks later and noticed that much of the tree had been destroyed in the storms, but it was still standing.  I didn't have my camera with me at the time, but I finally made it back last week and found that the tree had been cut down.

I realize it may be a silly thing, but I'll miss seeing "my" tree when I drive down this road.

So long

Probably one of my favorite things to observe in nature is water.  Anything from rivers, streams, lakes, rain, and especially the power of the ocean.  Last month I took a hike with some youth from church in north Georgia where we had to cross a stream several times before making it to a waterfall.  I've got quite a few water shots, so I'll hopefully get some of those posted soon...

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